Keeping your garden room connected

There are lots of potential requirements for the connectivity of a garden room, all of which we can easily accommodate. If the garden room is far away from the house, meaning low or no Wi-Fi connectivity, how we supply Wi-Fi will greatly depend on factors such as how strong your current Wi-Fi signal is and what your download and upload speeds are.


Ethernet Cable

Stay connected by upgrading your garden room with an ethernet cable connection. This armoured Cat6A cable will ensure a steady 10Gbps up to 55 meters from your home Wifi. Ethernet ports can be installed on the walls providing easy access to plug your router and wifi extension box in. 


We can also install Cat 7 or Cat 8 cabling depending on your budget and requirements. Cat7 will transfer 100Gbps up to 15 meters and Cat 8 40Gbps up to 30 meters.

Wifi Extension 

Wifi extensions are a simple and effective way of extending your coverage, a small box is plugged in, your password for your current wifi typed in and that’s it. These boxes will either relay a wifi signal from your house or can act as a secondary router connected via an ethernet cable to your router in your house, ideal if your room is at the end of your garden. Most of these wifi devices can work as either an extension or it’s own separate access point.