We talk you through each step of the way

We believe that in order to truly visualise how and where your garden room will sit in your garden, it is best to see it embedded in a 3D design.

Our team of garden designers will recreate your garden and build a bespoke 3D model of the space incorporating your chosen garden room. We then present you with a video walk-around of the 3D model, showing how the garden room will look from every perspective.

This will help you to avoid all the headaches caused by having to mentally visualise your design. Instead, you’ll be assured that you have picked the best garden room design for your garden ‒ not only aesthetically, but also practically, ensuring you are making the best use of the space you have available.

Initial Discussion

We’ll discuss your requirements and the products that work best for you. We have garden rooms to suit all needs. We’ll talk through the best insulation, windows, fittings, electrics, exterior finishes and roofing options for you. If applicable, we’ll arrange a free, no-obligation site visit.

There’s a lot to think through, such as whether you want the garden room to fit into the existing garden and not feel too imposing or whether the functionality of the space is more important. Essentially, you’ll need to decide whether the garden room should fit the garden or the garden should accommodate the garden room.

Site Survey

We’ll conduct a site survey and talk through the best options for siting the garden room.  We’ll talk through what design styles and how they would work within your current surroundings. If your garden room will be south-facing, we’ll discuss the best size of windows and doors, and if you require lots of glass, then we’ll explore how best to mediate the heat as south-facing rooms get very hot in the summer.

We’ll also discuss the performance of different products and we’ll talk you through the maintenance requirements of the different cladding and its durability.

There’s a lot to think through, but our garden room experts can help take you through that process, allowing for hassle-free design and implementation.

Quotation & Design

We’ll draw up the design for your garden room. We’ll present a 3D model, drawn up by our professional design team, to give you a virtual view of how the different designs would look in your garden. We’ll also provide a 2D plan of the interior, showing the layout of your furniture and the siting of sockets, light fixings and switches all drawn to scale. We’ll arrange a Zoom call or an in-person meeting to take you through our design and quotation. Samples of the products to be used are either left with you at the initial meeting or posted. Your quotation will include multiple options based on your brief. If the garden room costs are accepted, we will book your installation and begin work within six weeks.

Our award-winning sister company, Landcraft, specialises in garden design. So if you need a full garden design or just a redesign for the garden area immediately around the garden room, then we can help.


On average, our lead time for installation is six weeks. The installation itself takes, on average, 2-3 weeks. All work is undertaken by our specialist team of garden room installers. A foreman will manage the installation, which will be completed by a team of builders. We use a screw system that acts as the footings for the garden room, which is considerably more eco-friendly than a concrete base. As standard, all floors, roofs and walls are insulated with specialist noise-reducing insulation. The walls are then plastered, which is not the industry standard ‒ our competitors are renowned for leaving bare plasterboard. The electrics are fitted by a credited electrician. All glass is double-glazed. The roof has an EPDM liner that is guaranteed for 10 years but should last 30 years.

All doors come with trickle vents, which work in a similar way to air bricks to provide extra ventilation and alleviate any possible damp issues. Again, this is not industry standard.

Finishing & Interior

Our design process is bespoke, meaning you can choose from a number of finishing options. Additional premium features can be added, such as Wi-Fi-controlled radiators, Samsung air conditioning, USB sockets, a high-speed ethernet cable, extra radiators and aluminium windows and doors rather than PVC.

As standard, we paint the walls with Dulux matt white and install LED lights that save electricity, a wall-mounted radiator, four plug sockets, laminate flooring ‒ with the option to upgrade to engineered oak flooring ‒ and skirting boards that are painted in Dulux gloss white.

Our Guarantee

We take immense pride in our building materials that are selected for their quality and durability. Our garden rooms are built to last a lifetime. For your peace of mind, the structure of the building, including the roof, is guaranteed for 10 years. The 10-year guarantee is available to all customers, subject to our terms and conditions.

Fixtures, such as door handles, are guaranteed for 12 months. All installed items, such as windows and doors come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Options such as red cedar will require some maintenance and upkeep. We provide aftercare instructions, giving you a step-by-step care guide.