Electrics fitted to suit your needs

With the price of electricity at an all-time high, it is important to ensure your garden room meets all your electrical needs while keeping costs down. This is why we install LED lights rather than bulbs.

The type of light you require is a key consideration. For example, a warm white light provides a gentler hue than a cool white light.

The number of spotlights to be installed is carefully considered. Put in too many and your garden room will be far too bright to be comfortable and install too few and it will make the room feel too dull and subdued. 

The modern world is very power-hungry, which is why we install USB points as well as normal plug sockets, meaning no more annoying USB plugs.

The heater you go for is integral to the internal aesthetic of your garden room. It needs to provide plenty of warmth without looking too obvious. Where the heater needs to be positioned will depend on the intended layout of your furnishings. For example, we wouldn’t recommend placing a heater behind a sofa. So, it’s vital to consider your furniture layout at the planning stage.

A lot of garden rooms are used mostly in the summer, and they can be very hot places. Installing an air conditioning unit can mitigate that issue. Please note that a lot of our clients opt for a portable air conditioner, considering its appearance preferable to a wall-mounted one. We can advise which option would work best in your garden room at the planning stage.

USB Plug sockets

As standard, our garden rooms are wired with USB plug sockets. They’re ideal for charging portable devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, without using the main plug sockets.


As standard, all garden rooms come wired with spotlights. Brighten your garden room with energy-efficient, long-life LED bulbs.

Wall-Mounted Smart Electric Heater

Heat your garden room to your preferred temperature using the wall-mounted electric heater that comes as standard with our garden rooms. No plumbing is required.

Air Conditioning

Enjoy a cool, comfortable work environment whatever the weather with a fully fitted air conditioning unit. It’s less noisy than a portable air conditioning unit and provides you with more cool air. It’s an ideal option for a larger garden room.