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Planning & Specificaton

All our bespoke garden rooms come fully insulated and with the option of air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature. High-spec insulation will ensure the room maintains a steady temperature. Smart heaters usually have an anti-frost mode, ensuring your room doesn’t dip below a set temperature.

EPDM rubber roofing is durable enough for most garden rooms. However, if your room is situated under a large tree, we’d recommend coated steel or aluminium sheeting for extra durability and protection from falling debris.

Yes. However, this will depend on where in your home we can extend the mains electricity supply from. We will figure this out on our first site visit. The mains electricity is fed down an armoured cable to a fused consumer unit where we distribute the power to the plug sockets and lighting. If you intend to run any large appliances in your garden room, such as a washing machine or tumble dryer, we’ll need to know in advance to ensure the correct power supply is installed. 

Upon request, an armoured Cat 6 cable can be installed to your garden room, connecting it to your house’s internet router. External ethernet ports can also be installed at either end for ease of use. A simple Wi-Fi extender is plugged in at the garden room end to extend your network. This also extends Wi-Fi coverage to your garden. 

Please visit our dedicated page about planning and building regulations

We can create a levelled terrace foundation to build the room upon. 


The cladding you choose is likely to depend on your personal preference and what will work best with your home and garden. We’ll talk you through the options at the start of the project. Take a look at our popular cladding options here

How long your room lasts will depend on the level of upkeep. We’ll build it to a house-build specification, with the correct amount of insulation. The building will be wrapped in a breathable yet waterproof membrane to keep out moisture and then weatherproof cladding will be applied to the exterior. For all wood cladding, such as cedar, you’ll need to annually oil the wood to preserve it and keep it water resistant. Doing this will add many years to its lifespan. 

From the inside out, you would generally have a plastered finish onto plasterboard, then, depending on the specification you choose, the body of the walls are manufactured SIPS panels (insulation sandwiched with OSB board), which give the walls their strength. On the outside of that, we wrap the building in a breathable waterproof membrane that allows moisture to leave the room without letting any in. Finally, we add your choice of cladding to the outside ‒ this can be cedar wood, treated timber or composite cladding. 

For more detail on your material options, take a look at our Materials overview

During The Build

Each garden room is installed by a foreman who also manages the installation. Each foreman is a skilled builder and craftsman, giving you peace of mind that your garden room is built to a high standard.

The length of time depends on the size of the garden room and the complexity of the project. Most garden rooms take just 2-3 weeks to build, while more complex structures can take up to six weeks to complete.

Building garden rooms is a lot less noisy than building an extension or conservatory as fewer power tools are required. Garden rooms are normally built in just a few weeks, meaning any disruption is limited.

Payment & Terms

No. To get started, we just need a 30% deposit. Once received, we diarise your installation and allocate one of our installation teams.

We just need a small deposit of 30%, once received we diarise your installation and allocate one of our installation teams.

The stage payments are 30% upon agreeing to go ahead, 25% on the start date, 20% once all the externals have been completed (walls, roof and flooring) and the remaining 25% on completion.

Not currently but we are looking to offer finance options soon.

Please click here to view our terms and conditions.

After Care

Once your garden room has been completed, the foreman takes you through the finished installation, explaining how all of the appliances work. Once you have inspected, the project is signed off and the final invoice is sent for payment.

Most garden rooms require little or no maintenance, if you have opted for a natural treated wood cladding then the wood will need a treatment every few years to preserve it. If you have opted for red cedar cladding it will need oiling annually with UV resistant oil to stop the sun bleaching the out colour. Composite cladding needs very little maintenance. 

The structure of your garden room is guaranteed for 10 years. If you have an EPDM roof covering, it is also guaranteed for 10 years but should last 30 years. Fixings, such as door handles, are guaranteed for one year. Windows and doors are guaranteed by the manufacturer and if there is an issue, we will resolve it for you with the manufacturer.

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