Garden Rooms can be an incredible workspace for your home. 

Imagine the peace and tranquillity you’ll experience in your ‘home office away from home’. A house can be a very busy and noisy place. Having a garden room can really help you concentrate and get more done. Since Covid, many people have changed the way they work, and they’re looking for better ways to use their time more efficiently and spend more time with family.

A garden room can be a great investment as it adds value to your property. A recent survey by Zoopla showed that house buyers are keen to find somewhere not just to live but also to work.

An inspiring place to work with lots of natural light

Our garden rooms are incredibly efficient due to their insulation. This means your room will not only be warm in the winter, but it will also be cool in the summer.

The insulation helps with lessening any exterior sounds too. If you want to completely minimise exterior noise, then we can add soundproof boards.

Our garden rooms can be tailored to suit your business needs. For example, if you need quick download speeds, we can install a commercial-grade ethernet cable to your router, as well as USB sockets.