Roofing options for your garden room

We offer two roofing options for our garden rooms: EPDM and coated metal sheeting. EPDM is by far the most popular of the two due to the considerable extra cost of a metal roof.

EPDM is a very strong material. In fact, it’s so strong that it’s often used to line reservoirs. Another benefit of EPDM is that it can be cut to fit roofs of any size, whereas coated metal sheeting needs to be manufactured to fit. 

The sound of rain falling on the roof of a garden room can be rather therapeutic, and in our opinion, a metal roof is a little nosier than an EPDM roof.

EPDM comes with a 10-year guarantee, but it should last 30 years. In comparison, a coated metal roof may need to be treated to prevent rust every seven years, meaning that in the long term, a metal roof can need more upkeep.

EPDM Roofing

We use EPDM roofing for most of our garden rooms. This synthetic rubber is extremely durable and ideal for garden rooms due to its heat and weather-resistant properties. Using EPDM also gives a smaller roof line profile.

Coated Metal Sheeting

Coated metal sheeting is ideal for garden rooms situated under trees and unsuitable for a rubber roof. Sheets of plastic or powder-coated steel/aluminium interlock to create a strong and durable roof for your garden room.