Garden Rooms can build an incredible social space for your home. 

Do you need a space to escape the stresses of everyday life? Or do you just want a space to host friends all year round? Then a garden room designed for social use is the perfect solution for you.

Imagine inviting your friends to your garden room for a few glasses of wine from your mini-bar, to play a couple of games of pool or to watch the latest films in your luxury home cinema. The possibilities are endless with your own fully insulated and wired garden room.

From BBQ areas to hot tubs, transform your garden into a social space. 

Offering a year-round space for entertainment and stress relief, a bespoke garden room can provide you with all the space you need for your free time activity without comprising any precious room in the house.

Our garden entertainment rooms are different to our music studios as they tend to have bigger windows and wider doors, allowing you to feel more connected to your garden. After all, garden rooms are designed to help you escape the house and surround yourself with nature.

Garden rooms offer an economical way of providing more space, avoiding the need to move home, which is why entertainment garden rooms have become one of our most popular styles.