The Art Studio

Our most popular garden room is the garden studio, which can be used for almost any purpose, whether it be work, entertainment, working out, yoga or music production.

The large windows let plenty of light in. The colour of the facia has again been thought through, with the colour of the wood matching the gravel and sleepers. Its natural tone fits in nicely with the surrounding garden, and it connects effectively with the old rustic wall.

You don’t always need to go for a big room, especially if it’s to be used as an office. Creating a cosy environment with plenty of light will feel much more enticing and comfortable.

The slot windows are a nice way of adding a little light next to a desk or sofa. You don’t always want light pouring in, especially if the garden room is south-facing. South-facing summer rooms can get especially hot, so minimising the amount of glass is a good idea.

Style – Scandinavian
Budget – £25k – £30k
Cladding – Larch
Roof – EDPM
Doors – Patio doors