The Black Garden Room

A black garden room can look great, especially when the garden is designed alongside it. Here, the thin cladding complements the texture of the grasses. In small gardens, black garden rooms can make the space feel quite dark and gloomy, which is why we generally only recommend this colour in larger gardens, especially when there is no hard landscaping surrounding it. Going for narrow panes of glass keeps the amount of glass to a minimum, making it cooler if south-facing.

Composite cladding would be the go-to material for a black facia, meaning less maintenance than wood. With such a modern garden room, a much more expensive glass frame is required. The frame should be very minimal, to the point that it should almost be unnoticeable.

To be as eco-friendly as possible, the doors have been installed facing north, meaning most of the glass is not facing the sun. Black buildings can absorb a lot of heat, so going for the best possible grade of insulation will stop the heat passing through.

Style – Contemporary
Budget – £48k – £50k
Cladding – Composite
Roof – EDPM
Doors – Narrow doors