The Contemporary Garden Room

Garden rooms, when designed well, are a nice addition to any garden. It is important that the garden room is sympathetically sited and not too imposing. As can be seen, the garden has been designed to offer a modular, clean and minimal look with blocks of green to balance the hard landscaping. To compliment, the garden room has pillars of contemporary red cedar and black steel cross beams over the window.

The colour of these pillars is especially important as it should reflect the light to tie in with the paving. Most garden rooms are placed at the bottom of the garden. A big decision is whether the garden room is sited running parallel to the house, meaning it is very visible, or sited so that the main length perpendicular to the house, meaning it is less visible as you can only see one end from the house.

Style – Contemporary
Budget – £25k – £35k
Cladding – Red Cedar
Roof – EDPM
Doors – Single
Air conditioning – no