The Dining Garden Room

If you require your garden room to work with a functional lifestyle garden for entertaining, then extending a roof over a barbecue or outdoor bar allows the garden room to act as a garden feature. The black cladding emphasises the fact that the garden room is a feature of the garden as opposed to a separate entity and allows the garden rooms to sit more subtly within the garden. As nice as the garden room is, we wouldn’t want it to look ostentatious. The garden room has been designed so its main length runs away from the house, meaning you see the garden room side-on. This creates a feeling of privacy as the garden room looks out onto the side patio rather than the house.

Lighting is especially important, as the garden room lighting needs to work with the garden lighting. As can be seen, the emphasis is on downlighters, allowing for a sensitive but elegant finish. It is important to light specific areas and features as opposed to adding a large floodlight, which would just illuminate the whole space.

Style – Contemporary
Budget – £38k – £45k
Cladding – Black composite
Roof – EDPM
Doors – Patio doors
Air conditioning – Yes