The Minimalist Garden Office

A garden room can look like a piece of art in a garden. Although this can come at a considerable cost due to the amount of steelwork needed, the overall effect is stunning and well worth the extra cost. Due to the statement the garden room provides, the planting around it has been kept to a minimum as anything more would detract. The fencing has been designed so that it matches the garden room, using the same wood and installation methods.

A light gravel has been used around the garden room to further enhance it and lighten the corner up. It is another example of how good a garden room can look when designed in tandem with the garden.

This garden room has been designed as an office, overlooking the garden. It has a minimal interior to provide a clean and minimalistic work environment.

Style – Contemporary
Budget – £30k – £35k
Cladding – Red Cedar or Stained dark timber.
Roof – EDPM
Doors – Patio doors