The Pool Side Garden Room

Garden rooms for pools tend to be either large or very small. This is dependent on how the garden room is to be used and how many people it needs to accommodate. In large gardens, there is no need to have the garden room running away from the house and, as can be seen, the longer length of the garden room faces the house. It is so far away from the house that this won’t impact the sense of privacy. The advantage of a small garden room is that it is less imposing on the garden, especially if you plant heavily on either side.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, then a garden room can be a great addition. What better way to enjoy the summer than having the doors open, music playing and friends and family around the pool before retiring to the garden room in the early evening?

Style – Scandinavian
Budget – £28k – £35k
Cladding – Larch – Treated with a dark stain
Roof – EDPM
Doors – Patio doors
Air conditioning – yes