The Relaxation Garden Room

Large windows work well in a small, narrow garden as they don’t break your line of sight. They also create a feeling of connection with the garden when you’re inside the garden room. Garden rooms are often used as up-market conservatories, so the more we connect with nature and the surrounding greenery the better. A consideration with this design would be that such large windows are more costly.

Having such large windows allows the cladding to look like a contemporary frame, which is very modular and aesthetically pleasing. The type of wood used is typically derived from the type of garden surrounding the garden room. The sides of the summer house feel more like posts, like the frame for a pergola. Rather than going with a contemporary wood, a softer finish has been used to fit in with the surrounding planting, which is quite soft with lots of textures.

Style – A modern layout but softer facia
Budget – £38k – £40k
Cladding – Larch
Roof – EDPM
Doors – Patio doors
Air conditioning – No
Extra features – Big windows