An extensive choice of window and door options

The type of door and windows we recommend is very much integrated at the point of design. There are a number of factors we encourage clients to think through, including what the garden room is to be used for, its size, the type of garden you have and how the garden room will integrate with the garden, and most importantly, the direction in which the front or side of the garden room will face.

For example, if the garden room is to be used as a garden office and will be south-facing, then having a large window or a patio door is not ideal. Slot windows could be a better option. If the garden room is to be used as an entertainment room that you’d like to connect to an exterior seating area, then the more doors you have the better.

We provide high-quality PVC doors and windows, though we offer the option to upgrade to aluminium. The benefits of aluminium are that it’s more durable and offers a more modern and contemporary style.

How the door and windows will open also has to be thought through. Sliding doors are more solid than hinged doors and are beneficial if opening onto an entertainment area. If the garden room is contemporary and has a minimal look, then avoid going for opening windows as they are bulkier than non-opening windows.

uPVC Doors (Grey)

As convenient as they are stylish, all our garden rooms come fitted with grey uPVC sliding or french doors. The robust frame offers improved energy efficiency and security whilst also allowing lots of light into your garden room.

Aluminium French Doors

Upgrading to aluminium French doors will improve security due to the inherent strength and stability they provide, all without compromising on energy efficiency or natural light entry.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Bifold doors create a seamless blend between you garden room and your garden, increasing natural light and fresh air to the maximum when open. Accompanied by their improved security, durability and stylish look they make an excellent upgrade to any garden room.

Wooden Clad Shed Door

If you have additional storage built into your garden room, you may want this door to be a little more subtle than the main room. We offer a wooden clad door which makes it look invisible from a distance. 

uPVC Windows (Grey)

Standard windows come with a stylish grey uPVC frame. Allowing natural light into you garden room creating a more open and comfortable space.

Long Side Light Windows

Adding a couple of side light windows into your garden room will massively increase the natural light and allow you to look out to your garden. 

Opening Window

Upgrade to opening windows to allow for the gentle breeze from your garden to flow into you room, a recommended addition for any gym based garden rooms that could get sweaty.

Aluminium Window

The aluminium frame will improve the security and durability of your windows. Aluminium frames tend to have a smaller profile than uPVC.